Worldwide Warehouse Redistribution Services (WWRS) is a Tri-service program that facilitates the transfer of materiel, acquired under the US Arms Export Control Act. WWRS accepts materiel back on behalf of the US Government in order to fill other FMS requisitions. Materiel transfers using the WWRS process as outlined in Section 21 (m) consist of two separate two-party transfers. The first two-party transfer is between the seller and the USG, and the second two-party transfer is between the USG and the purchaser. The WWRS Program Management office is managed at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio.

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What Are Broadcasts?

  • Effective 2 Nov 2018, WWRS will no longer fund the buyers transportation to the CONUS location. All freight will be billed to the buyers case.
  • The WWRS Maximum Fee has been removed effective 12 Feb 2018. Please contact the PMO for questions at
  • The WWRS program has now been "approved" for the inclusion of Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) assets that are non-Significant Military Equipment (SME), catalogued by the Department of Defense and eligible for sale through normal FMS channels. Please contact the Program Office for details.
  • Can't find your asset in our inventory? Contact the WWRS PMO at We can submit a Worldwide broadcast to our Sellers to locate additional parts

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WWRS Goals

  • Reduce FMS customers' excess inventories
  • Provide access to materiel at reduced cost
  • Reduce lead times through redistribution of on-the-shelf assets instead of new procurement
  • Enable purchase of needed FMS assets  with the proceeds going to their national treasury
  • More..

WWRS Benefits

  • Improve FMS customer support by reducing lead times and materiel costs associated with new procurement and stock fund surcharges
  • Funds provided to sellers may be reinvested in the FMS program
  • Reduce seller's FMS excess materiel storage costs
  • More..

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
Air Force Security Assistance and Cooperation Directorate
1940 Allbrook Drive | Wright Patterson AFB OH 45433-5337

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